Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: “Do I get a discount if I purchase in large quantities?”
    A: Yes, it is currently produced by a manufacturer in North Carolina

  • Q: “Are there any color variations from roll to roll?”
    A: Depending on the lot, there may be a slight variation but usually it is not noticeable.

  • Q: “How wide is the vinyl?”
    A: It is 56” inches wide and you pick the length in yards.”

  • Q: “How do I know how many yards I am ordering on the website?”
    A: There is a quantity adjuster that you can use the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the quantity and the quantity is in yards.

  • Q: “Is this vinyl good for a high use environment?”
    A: Yes, this is a commercial grade vinyl which works well in high use environments and can hold up against a large amount of abrasion.