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  • 1020 (WHITE): A low-density foam with a soft feel. This foam is ideal for bedding cores and mattress toppers.
  • 1840 (GREEN): A high-density seat foam with a medium firm feel. This foam is often used in seating applications consisting of 5 inches of thickness or above.
  • 1550 (CHARCOAL): A medium-density foam with a firm feel. This foam is ideal for packaging, case inserts and any other cushion application.
  • 2250 (BLUE): Our premium high density foam with a firm feel. This foam is ideal for seating, mattress and most other cushion requirements. Common applications include; mattresses, mattress toppers, sofa cushions and church pews.
  • 2790 (YELLOW): Our most dense premium foam product with an ultra firm feel. This foam is used in applications that require rigid support. Common applications include; gymnasium mats, motorcycle seats and bar stools.
  • V-LOFT: A high quality outdoor foam with a firm feel. This product is a 2.5 density fiber that is great on any outdoor seating application.
  • POLY-FIBER: Our premium pillow filler is a great way to give your sofa pillows a fresh look.
  • DACRON: A polyester fiber with high resistance to stretching and high tensile strength.
  • Max-Adhesive: Upholstery adhesive is especially formulated to bond foam-to-foam, as well as foam-to-fabric, wood, particle board, cardboard, metal and fiberglass. A web spray pattern that offers low soak-in, instant tack, is clear, and develops flexible bonds.
  • Camie 610 Silicone: Release spray prevents sticking in gluing, sealing and molding operations.